Foreign skilled workers Foreign skilled workers

Foreign skilled workers

Our heart beats for care

Our multicultural family welcomes new members from all over the world. We welcome applications from nursing staff from countries outside Germany.

Requirements for an application with us:

  • Recognition – in order to be allowed to work in Germany as a nurse (health and nursing profes-sional, geriatric nurse, nursing specialist), a German certificate is required – this must be applied for at the relevant authority in the federal state in which you wish to work
    For this you need training or studies as a geriatric nurse or as a nurse.
    Translated final certificate and overview of hours in training or notice of equivalence “Defi-zitbescheid” (notice of deficit)
  • good German language skills – B1 language level – B2 language level is desirable and required for recognition as a nursing specialist Proof of language level
  • Work permit (visa) – this is issued by the German Embassy in your country of origin

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